10 comments to Sans titre

  • htan  says:

    Ảnh đẹp quá, nhưng đợt này em thấy anh ít chụp mẫu này thế anh ?

  • phuong loan  says:

    Dep tuyet, rat co hon, nguoi mau rat xinh

  • moon  says:

    khong biet comment gi, moi thu deu rat tuyet 😀

  • Mark  says:

    Nice use of DoF in front and behind. Was this a fairly long lens? I also like the ratio on the face. Just enough to give it dimension. TFS

  • Bruce  says:

    fantastic and beautiful shot. well done as always! TFS Lee.

  • MattJohnRobinson  says:

    Terrific soft lighting. Love the composition too, beautiful day to relax in the park!!

  • Nam Lee  says:

    to All: Many thanks to you all for your positive comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉
    to Tan: Uhm, tạm nghỉ một thời gian, mẫu còn bận việc lớn 😀

  • Ha  says:

    co be nay xinh qua, mau anh rat hop anh ah, mau trong cang tro nen dam tham 😉 Lau lam moi thay anh update blog…

  • Annie  says:

    Wonderful shot. Love the coloring and the soft feel to it. TFS!

  • canaryvn  says:

    Hi ban,
    Goi bang ban nha vi khong bit tuoi. Minh va 2 -3 ng ban muon chup chan dung ngoai troi de lam ki niem va co xem qua blog cua ban minh thay thich phong cach chup cua ban (don gian, nhe nhang). Do vay, ban co the nhan chup hinh cho nhom tui minh duoc khong. Thoi gian thi chi chup vao t7, cnhat thoi vi phai di lam. Neu ban ok, thi ban cho minh biet gia ca va cach thuc va thoi gian nhu the nao nhe. Co the tu van truoc cho tui minh chuan bi cai gi cho hop truoc khi di chup vi ko ranh lam hen.
    Thanks and regards,

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